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The high and the low


I’ve only started this blog recently, and I am fully aware that I cannot expect people to suddenly rush in and become faithful readers, with new subscribers every day. In addition to that, I am a huge supporter of “write for yourself”: as a blogger, you should write about stuff that YOU like, that YOU care about, that YOU find interesting. If other people happen to have the same likes and interests, and like the way you write about them, well, more power to you! (if there’s one phrase I learned in this blogging world… )

Now this blog was originally called into life to keep my friends and family posted on my life abroad. But just to get a hang of it, the feel, I started a few weeks early, and I experienced a freedom of writing, of reading, a whole world full of people who had the same ideas, had different ideas. And it is refreshing. I am the type of person who takes herself as the standard, and automatically presumes everyone else has the same ideas she has, draws the same conclusions from the same premises. And while I know (somewhere) this is not true (or there would be world peace and no more hunger), it is in a way confronting to “meet” people who are … different.

And it dawned on me. If I were to open this blog to my friends and family, it wouldn’t be the same blog anymore. Even though it was only 2 weeks old, even though I didn’t write anything strictly personal or that they weren’t allowed to know, I had it hard to share … this World.

Therefore I split my blog – this is my World, my free World, which I use to ventilate my ideas, to meet other people, to learn. The Other Blog is part of that world, the part where I move abroad to start a job, where I miss my friends. It is therefore also in my native language, to lower the boundary for those not fluent in English – it would not be fair to exclude them from my adventures here.

And it is funny that, while I feel my heart is here, in my World of Lies, the number of hits on The Other Blog is much, much higher. Maybe I have not been able to interest the visitors who came here out of curiosity after Jane’s blog’s first birthday present, maybe they follow through the blog surfer and don’t show up in the stats, maybe they just never bothered in the first place and only came to look out of boredom… But while I miss them, while I miss the spike on my blog stats (it was like being Freshly Pressed in lilliputterland!), I tell myself it doesn’t matter. This World is mine. And while anyone is welcome to join, no one shall be held against their will. My ego will have to find satisfaction elsewhere.