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… and I’m not the only one, apparently.


… who’s back, I mean. Because guess who showed up on my doorstep this morning?


I wasn’t supposed to see her until April, which meant we wouldn’t have seen each other for almost 3 months, and to tell you the truth I was starting to contemplate taking a lover of some kind because DAMN 3 months is a bloody long time!

But here she is.

Wíth Belgian chocolate, I might add ;).

Apparently she booked the flights over a month ago, which means she was able to keep the secret that long, and didn’t even blink while I have been nagging her for quite some time now that 3 months is waaaaaay too long to not see each other and we are never doing this again. T may not like surprises, but I do – and doesn’t she know it.

In addition to that, I actually have a promising lab result for the first time in, like, forever.

Aaaaaaaaaaah…. .

This is gonna be a great weekend, I can feel it in my tiny toe.


Two sides of the same coin


Last weekend, I went visiting a friend of mine who had given birth recently to a beautiful baby-boy. At least, that was the intention, for it turned out many of my friends had gathered for a surprise good-bye party. Which was… great! I mean, I’ve always wanted to have people throw me a surprise party : it seemed so cool to have people organise something for me. Apart from having a fun party for which I wouldn’t have to do a thing (more on the contrarary, if I would be helping out, there would hardly be a point in it being a surprise party), the idea of my friends going through all that effort and secrecy just for me to have a good time really gives a boost. And once I got over the first shock it was just amazing (though frustrating cause you kinda wanna talk to everybody but obviously that is just impossible), but I must say, if you expect a baby and instead you get bunch of smiling friends and a camera in your face – it leaves you baffled. And happy ;).

But. There’s always a but. Because when you get home, thinking of “your” evening, of all these people, at that very moment it strikes you. Why those people were there. Why they went through all that trouble and secrecy. Not because I’m such a wonderful person who deserves a surprise party now and then (which I obviously do), but because I’m leaving. It was a goodbye party. I won’t be seeing most of these people again for a year, maybe even two years. It is not like the decision has been made there and then, that I would be leaving, that decision has long been made. But I feel like I only realise it now, like only now I FEEL what I’m about to do: leave my friends, family, partner, cat, house, … behind for a considerate amount of time and start a new project on my own. And it’s damn scary.