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I’m not a nerd. Or a geek. I am no particular fan of Apple (I have never owned a single piece of technology of their making) and frankly I often find the enthusiasm of Mac-fans somewhat disturbing – sure Windows ain’t perfect, but it has served me all my life perfectly well so why should you care, anyway? But in the past year 4 of my direct colleagues (oh well, former colleagues) have bought a MacBook Pro, the number of iPhones owned by friends has risen exponentially and I admit I was intrigued by this sudden wave of Apple-craze.

And thus I have a confession to make.

I would love to have an iPad.


It’s just an e-reader with extended functions, it’s not extendible and has no added value whatsoever for my life – sure, I need a new laptop (like in, the screen is broken and not even taking that into account it just won’t start up, so yes, really need a new laptop), but while the cheapest iPad comes at around the same price as a cheap Windows-laptop, it is hardly a full replacement. But it’s so … elegant … . And pretty. I love the graphs when you flip a page. I love the picture slide show and the movie viewer. I just love the whole damn thing.

But it is a drag to type on (I’m used to typing blind and for me it just doesn’t work on that flat screen) and I feel it’s WAY to expensive to even consider to buy. In addition to that, a study revealed that while the thing is meant for people who like to read books and watch movies, it is primarily a gizmo for rich salesman which are described as high educated, selfish and unfriendly. And I don’t really wanna be associated with that ;).

But, after singing the praise of the iPad recently to a friend of mine and drawing the same conclusion as above – it just won’t do as a laptop replacement – he offered to sell his old MacBook to me for a small price. JEIJ! So no iPad for me, but I’m flexible, a second-hand, in-good-shape MacBook will do just as fine. And who knows, with the release of the iPhone 4 I may be able to lay my hands on a not-too-expensive second hand 3G or something. Within the year, I’ll be just as Mac-crazed as the rest ;).