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It’s green and it lives on my window sill…


They GROW!

I apologize for the poor quality picture – despite having 2 (TWO) camera’s with me on this trip, neither is working properly (although I should add that, even if they worked properly, I wouldn’t be able to post the pictures because I don’t have a SD card reader or a USB cable to connect them to the laptop directly) and thus this picture was taken with the webcam. But even so, I think it is clear my stuff is GROWING!

When I came to Sweden I took 3 bags with herb seeds (parsley, and… eh… well, 2 other kinds of herbs) and these three little pots which should grow forget-me-nots (?), sunflowers and 4-leaf clover, respectively : to not forget my home, to bring light during long winter nights and for luck. While the spices aren’t doing much (or at least it doesn’t show on the surface), barely a week after planting the little ones, they are sprouting and growing happily. I kinda expected the clover to do ok, but the other ones were supposed to be planted before mid-July, so I didn’t really expect miracles… but look, some earth, water, and patience, and before you know I’ll have to buy bigger pots to replant them :).

It is strange though, especially with the sunflower seeds since I actually like eating them (though they’re a lot of trouble, I admit) : you can buy them in the store, keep them in your closet for ages and they will stay there forever, ready to be eaten. But give them just a little bit of earth, some drops of water and look : they open up and sprout little white roots and little green leaves… It is marvellous to see. And in addition, they will brighten up my otherwise pale living room :).