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The many uses of an erase board


One of the rules of blogging seems to be that you have to be original, and not just repost other material. Well, I’m just gonna wipe my feet on that piece of advice and post the story of Jenny, who – supposedly – quit her job through a series of pictures because her boss called her a HOPA (or HPOA, whichever). She then send these to all her colleagues and, meanwhile, exposed her boss is a Farmville addict.

I mean, this is funny! At least it falls into my category of humor. Given the quality of the pictures, the fabulous facial expressions, a certain add from theCHIVE and – though I hadn’t paid attention to it AT ALL – the very sitcom set-like setting in which the pictures were taken, chances are high it’s a troll, although honesty requires me to say I fell for it (I’m naïve. So sue me).
UPDATE: it is now officially a hoax.

In any case, it shows that eraser boards truly are multifunctional. They can serve to remember your grocery shopping, as magnetic board or as a resignation letter! Some people push it even further and use them to get their camera back. Gotta love it.

A pictorial guide to avoiding camera loss

A pictorial guide to avoiding camera loss

Thanks to Anon for pointing me to this last link.