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Saturday “Halloween” Smörgåsbord


In Belgium, we don’t have the strong Halloween tradition as they do in the US – sure, the shops and marketeers have jumped on the money-wagon: pumpkins, black spiders and fake cobwebs decorate black-and-orange colored displays, and some student club or school may organize the occasional Halloween party, but that’s about as far as it goes. I remember last year or so, we had trick-or-treaters at our door, and we were like: “Eh, what exactly are we supposed to do now?” They were lucky we even had candy in the house.
So while the whole trick-or-treat’ing isn’t exactly my type of… eh… candy, I see no reason not to enjoy the Halloween treats I see popping up everywhere! (all pictures have been shamelessly copy-pasted from the original websites)

Of course, I’m a scientist, so I’ve got a weak spot for geeky stuff, but I really love these candy blood slides. Basically it’s just sugar so they won’t taste like much, but you have to admit they look truly awesome!
Recipe can be found at forkable (via TYWKIWDBI).
Those who like it REALLY scary do not have to resort to fake candy blood, though… how about a real, non-candy spider? ThinkGeek sells oven-baked Tarantula’s for a mere $24.99. Apparently, these are much healthier than the “normal fried tarantulas you can get all over”. Ehm… yeah… . From their website: “Every Oven-Baked Tarantula is baked in its native Cambodia, and collected from monitored sources (to protect the tarantula’s natural population). Each one is baked, crunchy, and just a little hairy – but ready to eat right out of the package. Just don’t forget to remove the fangs first. Then, enjoy your yummy Cambodian delicacy – your very own Oven-Baked Tarantula.“. Insect lovers can also delight on Giant Toasted Leafcutter Ants, but I think I’ll just stick to the Giant Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy. (via Geekologie)

These witch’s hats are made with Nutella, so how on earth could they possibly not be delicious?? I haven’t tried to make them myself (yet), but the recipe seems easy enough so that even I should be able to handle it… .
Recipe at Virginia Hughes.
My favourite, however, (though you probably know them already because if I remember well they got Freshly Pressed some time ago) are these Yummy Mummy Cookies from Hershey’s (who, apparently, have a whole range of Halloween recipes… I need to check those out). Chocolate cookies coated in white chocolate, that beats even Nutella! They seem a bit more complicated (read: labour-intensive) to make than the Witch’s Hats, though, so I might need to get my sister to help me with them, but I’m betting they’re worth it. (via No empty chairs)

On a more serious note, much of the chocolate that will be given out on Halloween will not be child-friendly. I am not referring to any obesity-related matters, but to the (still widespread) occurence of child slavery in the cocoa industry. And it would be rather unfitting to make the children ringing your door happy with something other children suffered so heavily for, wouldn’t you agree? So please consider to Fair Trade your Halloween and pass out chocolate that makes ALL children happy!