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My news of the week


Anything that struck me because it was shocking, interesting or simply hilarious : my news of the past week.


  • Proposition 8 was overturned in the state of California.
    In november 2008 Proposition 8 was passed during state elections in California. As a result, same-sex marriage was no longer allowed in the golden state. Last Wednesday, however, a judge decided the amendment is unconstitutional. Now, if they had found it consitutional, it was high time to change the consitution. I have heard a lot of arguments against gay marriage but “public schools may teach our children gay marriage is ok” is by far the dumbest. That it is morally inacceptable that LGBT people would marry, is NOT a christian decision to be made (remember separation of church and state? you wouldn’t let muslims pass a law on kerchiefs, would you?). We are talking adult people here, fully sane and aware of what they are doing. If they both don’t find it morally despicable what they do in their bedroom, or to be married to a same sex partner, why should you care? Even if you feel you have to protect them against theirselves because they will go to hell, leave them be. Weird as it may sound, they have the right to go to hell, if they want to.
  • 65th anniversary of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
    A sad anniversary, especially since this did not so much end World War II (okay, it may have helped), as start a new era, an era of nuclear threaths, cold wars, and distrust between states. A few years back Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto released a video showing all 2053 nuclear detonations between 1945 and 1998. It is a slow, painful time-lapse map of human foolishness. I don’t claim to have the solution to all worldly problems (if only), but I’m pretty much convinced nuclear bombs shouldn’t be part of it.

  • Bishop Vangheluwe paid his cousin considerable sums of money.
    It was not hush money, but compensation for suffered damage. With all due respect, but if you abuse someone for years, and afterwards pay him large sums of money, you are asking him to keep his mouth shut. If you realize that what you have done is wrong, you turn yourself in at the police station, instead of buying off your guilt. More easily said than done, I know, but especially someone in his position should have the courage to stand up and take responsability. It is a matter of respect.

  • Kazachstan strikes back. While the original Borat movie is still on the black list in Kazachstan, Kazachstan director Erkin Rakishev plans sweet revenge. “My brother Borat” will tell a different story and reveal Borat is nothing but a fraud. I always found it a bit childish of Kazachstan to be so sensitive on the subject (djee, it’s a MOVIE), but really, I like their way of getting revenge – now let’s hope they can find a decent camera to record the movie.