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… and back!


… or well… sorta… ;).

With over 300 unread blog posts in my Reader, my articles still unfinished, the dishes still waiting to be done (as is the laundry and the ironing) and the experiments still failing, but with 2 handed in grant applications (which I don’t even know I want to get accepted) and still not quite back on my game after a frankly quite tiring outing to Iceland.

And you know what I was thinking when I conjured up the “Add new post” tab?

I have no effing clue what I’m supposed to write about! :D

There you have it, over 2 weeks complete absence in the blogosphere and I got a writer’s block – you’d think I’d have something to say, at least… . Makes one happy they didn’t pursue that ‘I wanna be a writer’-dream, doesn’t it ;).

But I digress…

Iceland! Where anything over a foot tall is called ‘a tree’ and getting lost in the forest is therefore a seldom event – should it occur: just put the cork on the bottle and get up. Where geysers kill you with their foul smell before they boil you, and the tap water is so rich in sulfur your silver rings will turn gold if you dare stay in the bath for more than 5 minutes (true story. only i was in it for over 30 minutes.). Ah yes, Iceland… a beautiful country indeed.

To ease my coming back in the blogosphere (I can’t really be expected to splash 500+ words right at you, can I?), and because pics say more than a 1000 words (or so I heard), here’s some photographic evidence of my trip. Not that these pics were not taken by me and you are therefore not allowed to copy, reproduce and/or alter them in any way.

Do you have the expression "to sell air"? Yes, well, somebody needs to tell the Icelandics it's an expression...

The Strokkur geyser, right before the surface tension breaks. (we were a bunch of scientists on a trip. for us this is cool.)

The plains of Þingvellir, at the Mid-Atlantic ridge, where the oldest parliament of the world (930 AD) used to assemble.

Remember Eyafjallajökull? This is a branch of its gletsjer.

The walking path running behind gives you some idea of the dimensions. Quite impressive.

Sun setting over Iceland's black beaches...

Reynisdrangar rocks - these are trolls turned to stone when they were too late to get to the cave before sunrise - although scientists claim they are basalt uprisings. What do they know, right?

The blue lagoon - more money than it's worth, but you kinda need to have been in an outdoor 38ºC swimming pool while it's snowing at one point in your life.