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The new kid in town


So, here I am. All by myself. And I don’t know anybody. Which was painfully pointed to me by the lady in The Phone House when I wanted to buy a Swedish SIM-card. Just something, the cheapest. “What network do the people you know have?” Welleuhm…

At the corner of the first floor, there's me!

Still, I think I might get used to this town. I categorically refuse to let it be my home – my home is back in Ghent. But this could be my second home. Lund is a splendid city (well, as far as I’ve seen it, that is), very green and cosy. The walk from here to the city centre (some 10-15 mins?) is almost literally a stroll in the park, passing from one old and stately university building to another. Simply beautiful. Obviously, with the sun out today was a beautiful day, which always helps to see the best of the city, but still I’d say the average age is around 25-30, and on my short walk I heard English, German, Swedish (well, I’m supposing it was Swedish) and Italian. I need to get a bike, though, I’m not gonna walk that distance (notice how the “short walk” has suddenly become an insurmountable distance?) anytime I wanna go grocery shopping.

By the way, on that grocery shopping… I need an iPhone (there I go again). No, seriously! Either that or a decent Swedish dictionary. No, on second thought, a Swedish dictionary won’t do. Fillmjolk, statfill, … I just want semi-skimmed milk! It was Croatia all over again. I do admit, most packaging is bilingual. Swedish/Norwegian. Not helping! And thus I need an iPhone. To be able to choose between semi-skimmed and whole milk, to understand the error message given by the self-scanning machine (the guy supervising had to come to my rescue TWICE), to be able to read the instructions on my frozen meal (thank Larry Page and Sergey Brin for Google Translate), … Indispensable, that little thingie.

Or maybe I should just learn Swedish.