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I owe you all an apology – despite my promise last Friday, the Smörgåsbord and Quote didn’t go up this weekend as planned… the reason is simple : moi.

I have a nasty habit of forgetfulness, and it happens that I leave my laptop charger at the lab. It happens that I leave my lab entrance card at the lab. It doesn’t happen too often that both occur at the same time but last weekend, they did. With no card, I couldn’t get into the lab myself to get the charger, and with no battery, I couldn’t mail my colleagues to ask if I could borrow theirs (I don’t have their mobile numbers. I’m not thát social. Yet.). Result: an internet-less weekend. Which was all the less convenient since I needed to make arrangements with T who was arriving on Sunday.

So I will try and finish the posts and get them up THIS weekend, and as a consolation I give you some pictures from my Halloween costume! I am still confused as to the fact that Halloween costumes apparently do not necessarily have to be scary, but I gladly took advantage and dressed up as Pippi Långstrump – two H&M t-shirts, a pair of stripy stockings (H&M), some felt, flowers, scissors, needle and thread, and you are the coolest Swedish chick ever!

I know the pictures aren’t of the highest quality, but this is my dad’s camera which I recently bought from him and I still need some practice with the settings and all that … . In addition these were taken AFTER the party when I got back home, so I wasn’t really prepared to put much effort to it ;).
Other costumes spotted at the party were: a guy with a pencil driven through his body, a (very!) pregnant spider, a lego-block, spring, a belly-dancer (I could totally do that one!), and my personal favorite: Edward Scissorhands. I looooove Tim Burton.

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