Financial and moral limitations have caused me a great dilemma, as a result of which I cannot afford to travel to the Country of Countries, the States of States: the United States of America.

Never one to let something trivial discourage me, I have decided to simply travel through the States via the World Wide Web! For each state, I give myself a week of traveling time, so that I would be able to do the whole trip in a year. I research the top sights and must-have-done’s, try to get a sniff of American history, and alternate with breathtaking hikes and cycling tours. I might even do some culture here and there (although the stars know I was never one for museums). In a nice and neat post I will then tell you all about what I’ve seen, done, and learned!

The Prairie state Illinois will be my first stop, and the episode should be coming out early september… look out for it!

  1. Introduction: let’s get packing!
  2. The Prairie State: Coming soon…

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