Quote on a Sungday


Silence is more musical than any song.

— Christina Rossetti

When one of my new friends here found out I have a weak spot for musicals, it sorta became a gimmick, to the point that most people here now assume I am some kind of Broadway-conaisseur, an expert in all things musical – which honestly couldn’t be farther from the truth. Admittedly, I have seen Cats and West Side Story approximately 132 times each (on video) (yes, video), and I did manage to catch Les Miserables and The Phantom of The Opera live, but honestly, that’s more or less where it ends. But watching Glee sparked my interest for show tunes and musicals again, and since everyone is already assuming I’m a musical theatre nerd, I thought I could just as well bring some truth to the rumor ;). And thus lately I have found myself spending a great number of hours watching a whole lot of musicals and discovering the world of show tunes.

While I have developed some (VERY slight) (*ahum*) obsession for the (Harry) Potter musicals, I also came across this little gem: “There, Right There” from Legally Blonde, the Musical. I wasn’t the greatest fan of the musical as a whole, but call me a hag: this right here cracks me up every time – especially since “Gay or European” is apparently a valid expression in the States. Enjoy!

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