Bad intentions


Because you really know you won’t be keeping the good ones anyway…

  • Moan
    I plan on doing a lot of moaning in 2011. And I mean, A LOT. With 5 weddings and 4 baby-due-dates on the calendar and an overdose of hormones in my body, I feel I’ll have loads of inspiration to nag to T about when WE will be moving in together (rough estimation: in 10 years) / have babies (she’s waiting until my ovaries have dried out so she can carry them, I feel it) / get married (never). Fun times ahead ;).
  • Fly
    Lately I’ve been obsessing about my ecological footprint – I mean, worse than usually ;). So once I found out my attempts to vegetarism are futile if I keep flying back and forth between home and work, I decided I wouldn’t be flying anymore. Only, I would love to see the aurea borealis (alternative: 24h train ride). And Iceland (alternative: 3-day boat trip). And the whole of Scandinavia. So despite my climatological worries, I’m pretty sure the comfort and speed of a plane will be preferred here or there… . Now, where’s that tofu?!
  • Spend money
    On flights, obviously :D. And grabbing drinks. Presents for the people back home. Trips everywhere. Eating out. Fun times. Hey, I’m only gonna be here a year, I gotta enjoy it while I can! Besides, interest on savings accounts is historically low, I’m better off enjoying it. Let the money roll!
  • Get a taste of pot
    In case you’re a police officer: I’m not serious about this ;). I’ve never smoked or done any drugs at all in my life – whenever I drink alcohol my friends take a picture of it because it’s considered a rare occasion which should be captured for future reference. You could think I’m a nice girl but really, I just hate to lose control. Still, my curiosity is bigger than my hate, and just once, I’d like to know what it feels like. So I need to get my hands on some space cake. Well, my colleague is Dutch …
  • Indulge
    Give yield to temptation, it may not pass this way again.” I’ve had breakfast on Belgian chocolate and gingerbread for 2 days now – now thát was good. I am in the luxury position that I can eat more or less what I want without it sticking in unwanted places and I plan to make full use of that advantage now since, judging by my mother, it will not always be like this. Anyone seen my dessert book?

Have you made any resolutions you know you won’t keep? Which (big or small) sins are you planning to commit this year?

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  1. LMAO! I guess I don’t have any MAJOR sins planned for this year but maybe I should!!!!! My overall plan is to slow down and enjoy life a bit more than I have in the past. Let the laundry pile up and don’t be in such a rush to do the dishes, have long conversations over coffee, and let myself laugh. maybe I should visit a strip club this year (I live in Vegas, after all)! ;) I love your list.

    • If I let the laundry pile up even more I won’t have any clothes left to wear! ;)
      As a Vegas resident you should definitely visit a strip club though! (can’t count the number of people who have exclaimed: “Do people actually live there??” when I mentioned you, lol) Didn’t you have a tradition of choosing the place you wanna go for your birthday? :p

      • Lol, I can’t believe that I live here either! It’s actually a kind of a crazy story how we ended up moving here, but I am so happy that we did. I love it here. I was planning on sharing it in a post next week. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it ;)

        Yes, I am the one with the crazy birthday tradition of choosing where you want to go. I have 9 more months till it’s my choice.

      • Oh, I think it’s a wonderful tradition! And I’m looking forward to the story, knowing you it’s just bound to be all kinds of crazy and fun ;).

  2. I am sorry ma’am but when I saw MOAN I was all like GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!

    (Please don’t ban me from leaving a comment here. I promise I will keep it to PG if that’s your preference…)

    And, when I saw you’ve never used Pot, I was all like, “OMG, is she for real? isn’t she from…?” Oh, then I remembered: BELGIUM. BELGIUM. Don’t you just hate it when Americans (even the fake ones like me…) get all your countries confused??!! ;-)

    • Haha, thanks! I feel everybody should be entitled to some moaning here and there – sometimes you just need to get it off your chest, right? So I won’t ban you… and there’s no need to keep it PG rated – it’s a European blog, we don’t do PG ratings, lol.

      And no worries about the mix up – even my colleagues here still mistake me for a Dutch, presumably because there are a few Dutch at the department and we tend to talk in our own language with each other, so we’re like ‘the Dutch’. But then I have to admit I can only situate 4 or 5 states in the USA… and I’m guessing people from Oregon wouldn’t want to be mistaken for Texans, right? It’s one of the ‘good’ resolutions… get to know all the states, lol.

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