So, did everybody survive the holidays?


I know I did! Though they’re not really over yet, so I guess I should hold wood and not scream too loud ;).

But the real, BIG holidays are over – and it was all good. After my hi-tech science Christmas Eve, I made it home, though “are you kidding me?” flashed through my mind when the pilot announced the following 10 minutes after boarding was complete.

Dear passengers, we are currently unable to refill the fuel tank of the airplane. We have tried two tank trucks so far, but there seems to be a problem. We are trying to find out whether the problem is the tank trucks or the plane, we are working on it and will keep you posted.

After everything that could’ve gone wrong (no trains, delayed trains, hand luggage too big/heavy (it really was – fortunately for me, they didn’t check), delayed flights, cancelled flights), you can’t fill up the tank?? But they solved it, we left, I came home to a freshly-made quiche (I really don’t get what the big fuss over in-laws is, mine are just great), we played games, I slept, we went to my parents’, confused hell out of my one grandmother who met T for the first time and doesn’t seem to get that she is my girlfriend and not my girl friend (I refuse to have that talk with her and my mum has just passed the stage of being able to pronounce Ts name, no help there), celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and didn’t even get out of the couch for the countdown (ooooooooooold…), celebrated New Years’ at both grandmas and my parents, got tired of repeating the same stuff about Sweden over and over again, got tired of talking about baby-stuff, went to a birthday party, got crazy from all the small kids running around there (really, I don’t know where my nesting syndrome comes from), had a misunderstanding with T about shopping together leaving me home alone all day, … . So basically, nothing particularly blog-worthy happened ;).
Next up: shopping with my sis, meeting with some friends, celebrating Ts birthday, count down the days and get my ass back to Sweden. 4 days of holidays left … .

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  1. LMAO! Okay first of all I have to admit that flying makes me nervous. I use to fly all the time when I was little but as an adult have developed this anxiety about it. I’m not quite sure where it comes from but it’s definitely there. I had a panic attack on a normal flight not that long ago. So….if I were to hear an announcement from the pilot like you did, I would have had a heart attack and tried to escape the plane. I probably would have made the news :) LOL

    In regards to in-laws, I love my in laws as well. They are great and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Other relationships that I have had did not come with this great set of parents though, so I can understand some other people’s issues. (I often tell the hubby that I married him for the parents ;) )

    I have had relationships with both men and women so I understand the confusion. Sometimes its easier just to let it go and enjoy the company. In my case, Kristina just became part of the family in my grandma’s eyes and her actual title didn’t matter any more.

    I survived the holidays! Sorry you had so many transportation issues, but I’m sure it was all worth it in the end.

    • The trouble with panic is – it’s easy to capture, but so difficult to get rid off. It would’ve been cool to see you escape the plane though (the heart attack not so much :o) and follow in Steven Slater’s foot steps, lol ;). I put all my trust in science, technology, and safety procedures – if the pilot isn’t 100% sure he’ll get us to our destination safe and sound, he won’t take off. So if he decides to take off, to me, all is well :).

      My grandma has been asking about T – what job she does and where she’s from and stuff, no big fuss. I think I’ll also be going with the ‘part of the family’ and let go… there is no reason to be stressing more than strictly necessary anyway, is there? :)

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