1 am smörgåsbord


It is 1:11 am and guess where I am?

At the lab, that is very correct!

Now, honesty requires me to say that I did go home from around 4 to 9 today (bacteria had to grow… could as well clean up my apartment before I leave than sit and wait in the lab), so I’m really just working my hours… at different hours. And thanks to hormones, once or twice a month I get a special no-sleep-required night, how convenient is that?

So before I gather my courage to walk home through the snow, so here are some random thoughts I wanted to share in case I don’t get near a computer before I get back from Christmas Holidays:

  • Not having internet at home for 6 days straight sucks. I fear I might have to conclude I’m an addict.
  • I got inspired by the Tomterna I made during Jane’s birthday challenge, and decided to make my own Tomte-christmas cards. I’m feeling very crafty and country now.
  • I managed to get my DNA sucked up tonight. It was one out of 4 samples, which basically means 25% of my work down the drain. To top it off I almost dropped DNA sample #2 on the floor. Losing DNA on the floor is like losing contact lenses: very hard to spot and impossible to get clean afterwards.
  • Fortunately, the pellet didn’t fall out of the tube. As an added bonus, it was mutated. 3 mutants done (unverified though… cross your fingers), 3 to go.
  • I’ll be spending Christmas Eve alone this year. My family now knows how much I’m prepared to spend to be with them – not much, lol. I will by flying on Saturday morning though.
  • Some people say there will be 10 cm of snow in Copenhagen on Friday. I hope they’re wrong.
  • I kept postponing going to the alcohol-shop to buy Swedish gluhwein for the people back home. Now if I go tomorrow the place will be PACKED.
  • I am starting crystallization trials on a colleague’s protein at MAX-LAB tomorrow. It is actually more impressing than it sounds.
  • I sorted all my pics of the last 8 years, backed them up, burnt them on a cd (in case the external hard disk got stolen), sorted my .mp3 files, … . That part of this was done during working hours is not too guilt-inducing now I got might have a new mutant.
  • I’ve been having great fun with the Ikea home planner. Although it might be another year-and-a-half before I can start my renovation plans, I have decided : it will be lime green. Oh yeah.
  • At any temperature below -5ºC, the right way of dressing is a pair of thick trousers AND long underwear and/or socking pants.
  • My professor missed his bus by seconds today because he was counting on it being late. Maybe I have what it takes for professor-hood after all.
  • My arms are too long. Or all sweaters are too-short-sleeved.
  • My fingers are too long. There is no lab glove that ever fits.
  • 2 am is a good time to go home. Being late for an appointment at MAX-LAB cannot be good.

I am not giving myself any schedule for the upcoming holidays (I’ll be home for 2 weeks), rather I’m just gonna try something else and post whenever I feel like it. Or not. It’s an experiment. We’ll see how it goes. In either case : merry christmas, happy new year, enjoy the holidays and don’t forget to close off the decade in style.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’ll be alone on Christmas eve. I have to admit though I’d rather be alone than with most of the people I’m related to!

    Love the lime green!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Stay safe friend!

    • Oh, but I love my family! I do – though my mum will never be my best friend and I’m never quite sure how to handle my brother-in-law, I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas with them. But if the cost of the flights goes up x3 to be there one day earlier, then I just let it be :). It’s just a night – I’ll survive :).

      Best holiday wishes to you and your family as well!!

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