This post wasn’t very labor-intensive


Remember my !!! Smörgåsbord from Saturday?

Well, here’s what I’ve woken up to for 3 days now:

And if that’s not enough, my sister sent me this pic today:

I'm gonna be an aunt!

But ssshht… ;)

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    • Thank you :).

      And I had to look this up, but isn’t there a lot of snow in Chicago either? Surely they put salt and/or sand on the roads? Meanwhile I was honestly thinking they’re not doing too great a job clearing the streets! :D They are far from completely snow-free, and they only bother about the main streets… back in Belgium people wouldn’t rest until even the smallest street had been totally cleared!

    • Thanks! :)

      I am also used to only 1-2 weeks of snow every winter – meaning around 5 cm tops, and rarely more than 3 days in a row. I got the feeling I might leave Sweden less snow-enthousiastic than I entered it, if this is indeed gonna last for 3 months like they predict ;).

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